The Cover Up Of The Texas American Eel – Part Two

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Early this year I started a petition to have the Texas American Eel put on the Commercial Fishing list here in Texas [1] after Texas and Parks and Wildlife would not allow me to Petition the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission for a rule change.allow me to Petition the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission for a rule change.

They actually denied me before even filing the Petition with the commission when I was asking how, so I could file. [2][3]

The Petition Clause protects the Right to Petition all branches and agencies of Government for action. They consider my asking how as my actual petition which was clearly a violation of my civil rights, The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states.

Then I moved on to the conservation groups like the Center for Environmental Science, Accuracy & Reliability (CESAR) and a few others asking for help to stop the slaughter of Texas American Eels at the Saltwater Barrier and Dams here in Texas. I was thinking surely these groups would step in and do something since Texas Parks and Wildlife was falsifying Federal Environmental Impact Reports and not following Federal Law for fish right of ways to be built around these obstructions, would interest these groups.

I got a lot of promises that help was coming. Then I got involved with Rollover Pass earlier this year trying to stop the closing of this vital migration route that many protected birds ,fish, species of Endangered  Sea Turtles, Protected Mammals all use to access the Bays and the Gulf of Mexico every year.

It’s been a year and nothing has happened.

I have come to the concussion that these conservation groups want the American Eel population in Texas to stay uncounted.

The cover up of Texas American Eel surely affects the species significance and existence. These are entities and organizations that are pushing for protection of many species like the American Eel to be enlisted as threatened or endangered. They are working with bad science and false information and refuse to act or acknowledge this is true.

It’s all about money and donations to fill their coffers, and not about protecting wildlife as they all claim.

With the false information and manipulation of the population count that Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has been releasing over the last 30 years, there will be a greater possibility that the American Eel will be listed, therefore, shutting down the eel harvest in the United States and leaving fishermen unemployed and families without the means to support themselves.

This happens all too often around the United States with other species. The truth, however, does not favor the conservation groups propaganda, or their reasoning that all fishing and all hunting for wildlife will cause the extinction in the long run.

As mentioned in the article “The Cover Up of the Texas American Eel” [4], the manipulation of the data and results regarding to the abundance of American Eel in Texas is due to the fact that Texas Parks and wildlife needs permits to allow the building of obstructions and filling in of places like Rollover Pass.

With the presence of so many species already listed that use Rollover Pass to migrate such as the American Eel, one would have to ask, where are these groups? If the real data was known, then the construction of dams and barriers would never get permits or approval from the Federal Government without required right of ways installed and would never be built in the first place. Places like Rollover Pass in Gilchrist TX would never be filled in. This once again is impeding many species of protected wildlife from a migratory route that has existed since the beginning of time, only dug deeper in 1954. [5] 

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is one of the government departments that the other non-government and government organizations rely on to gather information especially with the presence and abundance of certain species in Texas. As a trusted branch of Texas Government, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will have a great influence to the decision of (CESAR) to put the American Eel on the Threatened or Endangered Species list.

We need to analyze and consider the effects of the Texas American Eel cover up – on the species, and for the people of Texas and the United States of America.

Jason Fregia