Sam Parisi is asking all fishermen to attend the Gloucester Fisheries Commission meeting December 14th

I recently had a letter I wrote printed in our local paper.

This was regarding a commitment the Mayor of Gloucester made when she was running in 2016.

That being, to hire a Fisheries Director part time and than look down the road for full time. She kept her word.

In my letter I said we need to now hire someone full time.

Not to take anything away from our director Al Cottone. He has done a good job, but you can not expect him or anyone else to do this effectively on a part time basis.

If you look at how many meetings the New England Management Council have that are held from Maine to Rhode Island and sometimes overnight, it is very time consuming.

Last week I saw the Mayor and she told me the Commission wanted to wait for now in regard to hiring someone full time. In the meantime, the whole reason I felt we needed some one full time is because how bad off we are and felt we need to do something now.

December 14 at 6.30 pm the Gloucester Fisheries Commission will meet.

I have already sent them a letter and intend to be present.

My letter is asking them to set a goal, and to call on other associations on both the East Coast and West Coast to band together and have the twenty five year Magnusson Act updated.

To be more specific, have wording to the effect that other scientific data be accepted by NOAA and the courts.

As it stands under law and the most recent case was Mass AG vs NOAA 2014 regarding cod.

The judge ruled under law he does not have to accept or compare other data .

This is wrong and needs to be corrected lets face it our fisherman’s depends on true data ,and NOAA data is not the best data .

In closing the meeting is open to all I would to see fisherman from here and all over to attend.

It is at Gloucester City Hall I am also looking for any one out there that agrees with me and would be willing to help me.

Thank You,

Sam Parisi