Lets meet and build a consensus to have Congress enact a U.S. Fisheries Bill – Sam Parisi

I am a retired fisherman and am very concerned about the fishing future for those who are still engaged in their chosen occupation, and want to devote my time to help protect the future of those that are still fishing.

As you know we are faced with many obstacles.

I thought we could together fix the problems but there are so many, and the problems continue increasing.

From National Marine Monuments closures, forced monitoring costs on those that can’t afford them, allocation cut backs based on science no one has confidence in unless you work for the NOAA, and now a steady wave of industries that want to utilize our traditional fishing grounds along every coast line of the EEZ.

So where do we go from here?!!

Here are my thoughts.

Lets meet and build a consensus to have Congress to enact a U.S. Fisheries Bill, like the Farm Bill.

In essence, how the Fish Bill would work is for example, NOAA says they need to cut back 50% on cod.

The government should reimburse fishermen for the 50% they cannot catch or land, and as the stock recover’s and opportunity surfaces to increase catch rates, the need for assistance decreases.

Now you say where is the money going to come from?

Looking at how much seafood is imported in this country, about 90%, we could ask one or two percent of seafood import S-K funding to cover the government financial assistance.

What I am looking for is a group of people from every facet of the industry, coast to coast, to meet and try moving this idea forward. We can start by emailing once a week , a month, what ever works. I have started having discussions with interested parties that are interested in getting involved. It’s a start.

I am also asking for those who represent their associations to contact me at 978-491-7722

Thank You

Sam Parisi

Gloucester, Ma.

By the way Ms. Bonnie Brady did a great job at the recent “National Ocean Policy: Stakeholder Perspectives,” hearing in DC. I commend her efforts, and say, Thank You!