All Hands on Deck! Sam Parisi gives an update on efforts to get a Fish Bill, wants to know what YOU want included!

First let me thank for publishing my letter.

I have received many emails and calls from fishermen and fisheries association’s, and it has been great to have them join in with me. I have also had many ask what is this Fish Bill all about ,and they deserve and answer. To be clear, I do not know how to write a bill, and at some point a Senator or Congressman will have to write the bill, with all the specifics spelled out. Now is the time to discuss and ad input about what you’d like to see in your US Fish Bill.

In the meantime, here is a brief summary of what some of us would like the bill to do.

To provide US fishermen with financial assistance from our government utilizing funds collected from the S-K funds that were initially for our fisherman to begin with!

That our government reimburse our fishermen for fish that are in danger until such time has those stocks rebound, when the government decides to cut allocation, for any reason.

In the Farm Bill, farmers are paid to grow certain crops, or to not, and it would be only right that they pay us not to fish for those species.

This is where you can come in.

Contact me, and please consider joining our efforts by becoming a board of directors member, or an interested party, and give us your input as to what you think should be included in the bill.

This has to be a united effort to succeed .

please call me at 978 491 7722 or email me at [email protected]

Together we can make my dream come true !

Thank You and Happy New Year

Sam Parisi,  Gloucester ,Mass