Sam Parisi sends an update on Senator Markey and S1322, the American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act

Dear Readers I am pleased to let you know that thanks to your efforts I have received a call from the Senators aid, Kate Machate, regarding Senator Sullivan’s Bill,  S1322 regarding the American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act.

She relayed Senator Markey’s concern that Massachusetts would be left out.

So I called Sullivan office and was told that is not true and that Markey had a problem with sport fisherman being on the Advisory Panel.

I am grateful that Senator Markey is now on the same page as the Bill moves forward.

Now I want to thank Fisherynation, Angela Sanfillipo of The Gloucester Fisherman’s Wives Association, Gloucester Fisheries Commission, Northeast Seafood Coalition, Mayor of Gloucester, Jim Kendell of New Bedford Seafood Consultants, Captain Sam Novello, Gloucester, Captain Joel Hovanesian of R.I., along with other fishermen that have put the pressure on. I would also like to thank Senator Markey’s aid, Kate Machate for her response.

Thanks to all,, Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Mass.