Dear Congressman Moulton, about that Bill? HR-200?


Dear Congressman Moulton,

I have been a supporter of yours from day one. I donated money, made your signs, found sign locations, even had my family and some of my friends support you. And they did!

I was surprised and disappointed to find out through our, yours and my local newspaper, that you had voted against Congressman Don Youngs Bill, HR – 200.

As you know Seth, I have informed you of the issues our fisherman are facing such as untrusted and sometimes disputed science used by NOAA, the North East Canyon and Seamounts National Marine Monument off Cape Cod that our fishing boats depended on for whiting fishing, as fishermen from other ports are also shut out from their fisheries.

Congressman, it seems as though you are not actually listening to your constituents.

Under HR-200 fisherman, universities and independent scientist will be allowed to conduct collaborative science and collect data and present it to NOAA as a fair comparison as to what the fish stocks really are, before the restrictions are placed that have, as you know, have ripped the heart out of Gloucester and New England.

Also under HR-200 the  NE Fishery Management Council more leverage before restrictions are placed to respond and adapt to our regional issues. These various regions have their own unique situations and a one size fits all approach has shown to not work for everybody.

I also agree with Congressman Young that recreational interests should have a place at the table.

In closing Congressman Molton, before you vote on important fisheries issues, please contact those it will effect the most, that being your local fisherman and your constituent’s.

Thank You,

Sam Parisi

Gloucester, Ma