In an uneasy, somewhat hazy and uncertain world, everyone looks for that beacon of light, that unwavering faith that carries us through the storms in this life. In a perfect world where there is no loss, no pain, no disappointments, we could not know the sheer bliss of what it feels like to receive healing from an injury or sickness, we might never look deep within ourselves if life went smoothly all the time. If we never experienced “not having,” we could never truly appreciate abundance. It is in our lack that we find blessing…in our weakness that we find strength…and in humility we see greatness.

Imagine if you will, a paraplegic who traded his position as captain of a commercial shrimping vessel for a wheelchair at the tender age of 22 – now in his 60’s. For Bill Allen, a spinal cord injury from 40 years ago was life changing to say the least…”Why God?”

Along came Faye Passanisi, who accidentally joined a commercial fishing group. A few months later, she was noticed by Bill for her inspirational daily posts on social media – as well as the fact that she grew up in the oldest seaport in America. Bill saw all the right emotions in her and invited her to co-write PORT BLISS, along with another fantastic story teller – JW Gooding. John has authored a book, Pack your Seabag and has many years working in and on the water with lots of stories to tell. And he tells them well, keeps you wanting more.

PORT BLISS is the writing debut for both Bill Allen and Faye Passanisi. This was a dream of Bill’s for several years and has finally come to fruition. “Bliss” is defined as perfect happiness ~ great joy. And in spite of adversity, in fact “because” of adversity, we see how one can have bliss when things go wrong and don’t work out the way we planned. Some factual events/happenings with the fishing industry, making history – Romance – Inspiration – Sea tragedies – and more are what you can expect to find within the pages of PORT BLISS.

After writing for two years, Faye knew in order to be published, she had to have an “ending” which had not come yet in writing PORT BLISS. She sat down at her computer and wrote two chapters near the end of the story that completely overwhelmed her. As soon as her fingers left the keyboard, a wave of peace came over her and she was filled to overflowing with an answer for her own “Why God?” Her very words brought healing for one of the most difficult times in her life. No spoilers here, you’ll have to read for yourself!


The Lineup:

~ At SEA ~

*An “old school” aging Fishing Captain, betting it all on one last trip to save his boat and livelihood.
*A young widow looking for closure…way before her time.
*A young boy from a tough childhood, trying desperately to find his way.
*A Viet Nam vet, looking for one last hurrah.
*One teen trying to make right a wrong,whilst bonding with his grandfather.
*A man who is afraid to love again.
*And last but not certainly not least, Man’s Best Friend…SCUPPER

~ And on land ~

*An aging old salt with lots of stories to tell and regrets about his past.
*A young pastor with eyes to see and ears to hear who is searching for his family roots.

Five men, one woman, each going to sea seeking answers. Needing closure. Peace. Salvation. Redemption. Forgiveness.

The meek shall inherit the earth…the brave shall inherit the oceans.

The sea holds her secrets deep and dark in the very depths of her soul. Get your lifejackets on, batten down the hatches, hold on for the ride of your life that you will never even see coming until it washes your wheelhouse windows in a most unexpected way. AHOY!!!

For anyone who has ever asked, “Why Me?”
For all fishermen captivated by the sea…Where is your PORT BLISS found?