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F/V Fate Hunter successfully refloated, towed to Cordova, Alaska

450x338_q75VALDEZ, Alaska — After almost three months underwater, the fishing vessel Fate Hunter was successfully lifted, refloated and towed to Cordova Tuesday. [email protected]  Related posts – Coast Guard and State of Alaska personnel are monitoring 65foot fishing tender F/V Fate Hunter grounded near Shoup Bay August 11, 2013 – Coast Guard, State of Alaska monitors defueling of fishing tender F/V Fate Hunter near Shoup Bay, Alaska August 17, 2013 21:17

Coast Guard, State of Alaska monitors defueling of fishing tender F/V Fate Hunter near Shoup Bay, Alaska

uscg-logo450x338_q75 iiittttVALDEZ, Alaska — Coast Guard and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation personnel continue to monitor response efforts to remove the pollution threat and cargo of fish from the 65-foot fishing tender Fate Hunter, grounded near  Shoup Bay, four miles west of Valdez, Friday. [email protected]

Coast Guard and State of Alaska personnel are monitoring 65foot fishing tender F/V Fate Hunter grounded near Shoup Bay

uscg-logo450x338_q75Coast Guard Sector Anchorage command center watchstanders received a call Sunday morning from the crew of the Fate Hunter, reporting the vessel had run aground near Shoup Bay with four persons on board. The good Samaritan fishing vessel Akemi responded to the scene to assist and safely transported all four persons back to Valdez. No injuries or major structural damage to the vessel were reported. [email protected]  22:12

Captain Elliott Neese saves crew onboard the F/V Arctic Hunter

According to Captain Elliott Neese’s Facebook page, he rescued six crew-members from a sinking crab boat near Unalaska. Everyone is safe. Everyone knows that the captains on the “Deadliest Catch” risk their lives as they go out fishing for crab. Such was the fate of the F/V Arctic Hunter as it run aground near Unalaska. The 93-foot Arctic Hunter wrecked at around 3:45 a.m. early Friday morning. It was just leaving port when it run aground and crashed into the rocks. [email protected]    F/V Arctic Hunter Runs Aground Near Unalaska – kucb  16:45

How a father’s shipwreck launched a message across an ocean to his grieving daughter

A chain of ocean currents that connects Alaska’s Prince William Sound to a beach on Hawaii’s Big Island delivered a piece of a 3-year-old shipwreck to a grieving family. The improbable voyage of a plastic fishing gear identification tag also had human help in the person of Alaska engineer Andy Baker, whose curiosity and diligence completed the connection. An expert on floating debris called Baker’s successful investigation “a very remote chance.” “It really is a very difficult thing to do,” oceanographer Curt Ebbesmeyer said. “It takes a lot of luck, a lot of effort and a lot of time. One thing out of a thousand is traceable. That tag you are writing about is a remarkable bit of serendipity.” In this case, the luck connected a father to his daughter after his death. click here to read the story Four posts about F/V Fate Hunter from 2013 click here to review 14:02