American Fishermen, American Consumers and Coastal Communities, Support the A-7 Survival Fund – Highly Migratory Species

American fishermen,American consumers and coastal communities all lose under the current A-7  amendment to the Fishery Management Plan for Highly Migratory Species.

Fearing further decline of domestic fisheries for rebuilt stocks of swordfish, some tuna, and the possible resulting transfer of the United States’ international quota to foreign fleets, members of the Pelagic Longline Fleet and other related businesses have filed suits challenging aspects of Amendment 7 to the Fishery Management Plan for Highly Migratory Species, which includes swordfish and tunas.

In its rulemaking, NOAA refused to consider scientific advice and industry input to open certain closed areas that would mitigate the bycatch of concern, and take measures to further reduce the number of participants in the fishery, despite the fact that quotas are not being caught.  NOAA claims to create a workable individual quota system to address bycatch, but allocates insufficient quota with no prospect that there will be any quota to transfer. Additionally, NOAA imposes fishery wide closures if quotas are exceeded. Finally, the plan requires expensive and unreliable monitoring systems on the HMS pelagic longline fishery which will not reduce bycatch, despite the fact that it is allocated only about 8% of the United States’ Bluefin Tuna quota.

If you would like to donate to this legal fund, please make checks payable to A-7 Survival Fund and send to:

Etheridge Seafood Company

PO Box 77

Wanchese NC, 27981

Please include your contact information –  best phone number to reach you at and email.

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