Haley Goreham has organized a fundraiser for Lobsterman Andrew Saulnier and his family

As most of you know, Andrew got into a bad accident on the boat today well working. Andrew has a 2 year old daughter as well as a 3 year old step son with a baby boy on the way. Andrew has had 2 surgeries today, one was to amputate his left leg and the other surgery was try to rebuild his right leg. He also had to have surgery on his stomach, he will be having another surgery on his ear as well as his fingers. The doctors are still unsure of the outcome with the second leg. Andrew is stable and is on ventilator for now they will hopefully try to lower sedation within the days to come.  Andrew has a very long road ahead of him. Andrew brought in the money for his family. There will be lots of travelling to and from the city. This money will be used for Medical expenses, food, gas and whatever else them or Andrew may need in the time to come,,, Thank you so much, >click to read, and please, donate if you can<. 09:10

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