Call for the return of historic 232 year-old boat Peggy to Castletown

Peggy is the only surviving vessel of its kind and one of the few remaining boats from the 18th Century. Calling for the return of the schooner to Castletown, Tony Brown said there was “no enthusiasm” from Manx National Heritage (MNH) to do so. Built in 1789 for Captain George Quayle, who was an MHK for 51 years, the vessel remained hidden in a walled-up cellar following his death. After being discovered it was given to the Manx Museum in 1941, and the site was opened as a Nautical Museum 10 years later, with the boat in situ. The boat was lifted out for conservation in 2015 amid concerns over the ongoing corrosion of the structure by the incoming tides in the cellar. >click to read< 12:19

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