Enviro groups point to chemical pollution, not overfishing, as main cause of fishery decline

According to the report “Aquatic Pollutants in Oceans and Fisheries,” chemical pollution is the bigger culprit since it “compromises reproduction, development, and immune systems among aquatic and marine organisms”. The report said that “overfishing is not the sole cause of fishery declines,” and that pollutants including industrial chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, plastics and microplastics “have deleterious impacts to aquatic ecosystems at all trophic levels from plankton to whales.” >click to read< 12:01 – Waste Water Treatment PlantsMussels off the coast of Seattle test positive for opioidsOnce home to thriving (natural) aquaculture, Great Bay is under great strainScientists concerned over health of fish species as wastewater treatment plants fail to remove drugs, and more, >click here<

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