Offshore Wind Farms : We’re from the government and we’re here to _______ you!

It is just another example of the commercial fishing industry being “thrown under the bus” for the benefit of more politically powerful interests-in this case the wind energy industry and the political support that has been generated by it.  But then again, perhaps not. Gina McCarthy, described as the Biden Administration’s “Climate Czar” (actually the first-ever climate advisor) “said the administration already took those complaints.” These are the comments RODA and various other folks and organizations made on the COP which were never addressed.  “McCarthy said offshore wind is emerging as an even more important linchpin of the Biden administration’s clean energy strategy than had originally been expected. There are about 16 projects currently in the pipeline,,, >click to read< 15:52

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    Getting a whiff of the past, makes you think of the likes of Dale Jones that Cartel reeked of RICO… Yet dear old Dale got his GOLDEN PARACHUTE!!! Now we have the Greenie of the spring, that finger had to have reached the second knuckle… Yes siree Dr. Jane C. Lubchenco, who’d a thunk it “COREXIT” in Pandora’s Jar!!!
    Isn’t it amazing how these GREENIE’S reward “Incompetence!!!”
    It’s time to step back and take a clear look at things!!!
    Remember Deval Patrick and Evergreen Solar, that was only a $40 million/flush!!! Good old Forrest Gump :”Stupid is as stupid does”!!!
    What do you think Dr. Jane??? Why weed those plants when you have plenty of dispersant left???

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