With the Ocean Wind Offshore Wind Farm on the horizon, a storm is building

Ocean Wind, according to those closely following the project, is headed for a series of turf wars, loud debates and protracted legal battles, even before the first turbine is sited off the coast of southern New Jersey.,, even supporters and opponents of the proposed wind farm at times disagree among themselves on how to move forward. Environmentalists, commercial fishermen, recreational boaters, labor unions, homeowners, boardwalk businesses, NIMBYs and ratepayer advocates are all circling Orsted, the Dutch wind power company behind what could be one of the largest wind farms in North America. Local, state and federal officials are also starting to feel the heat. Just about everyone involved, including David Hardy, CEO of Orsted US, worries the project could devolve into chaos. >click to read< 13:11

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    “THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM”… Ironically the RED BOOK about ENRON!!! “THE NEW GREEN PLAN”… Just the newest game of POWER ROULETTE!!! Keeping Nature’s schedule profiting on prime time and other urgencies!!!
    THIS IS A GAME OF CONTROL!!! Canada’s HYDRO-POWER clean, green, and ready to tie in to existing infrastructure…
    TESLA MICRO-POWER PLANTS true Electrical independence if you add a Generac GENERATOR for storm back-up!!!
    The new modular Nuclear power plants need to be investigated…
    Michael Shellenberger may change your opinion

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