Going On Tour! Chesapeake Bay Buyboat History Comes to Life with 17th Annual Rendezvous

Skipjacks get all the glory, but there’s another hero of the Bay’s historic seafood industry worth celebrating: the buyboat. The era of Chesapeake Bay motor-powered buyboats started at the turn of the 20th century when gas and diesel engines powerful enough to push a boat the size of a Bay buyboat became affordable and available to the general public.,, Though most people recognize the term buyboat, it is somewhat misleading because buying and selling seafood was only a small part of the overall use of these boats. The Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Association will hold its 17th annual buyboat rendezvous from July 30- Aug. 8. The tour will start in Urbanna at the town-owned marina on Urbanna Creek from July 30-Aug. 1 and end on Aug 6-8 at Hudgins Horn Harbor Marina in Port Haywood. >click to read< 16:26

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