I am not happy. Jackie Odell was not appointed to serve on the NEFMC.

About the Council Seat. I to am not happy, and am very disappointed that Jackie Odell was not chosen to serve on the NEFMC council. She is more than qualified for that position. She was passed over, as Governor Baker chose recreational fishing stakeholder Michael J. Pierdinock, instead. Is it possible that his campaign donations since 2016 to the Baker campaign, have finally paid off? We all know that money talks and bullshit walks. The New Bedford Mayor is also unhappy with the council pick. Is this another example of being not chosen, based on your expertise, but about political contributions? The system stinks, and need to be fixed. So, put up or Shut up. Sam Parisi, Gloucester. Mass. 14:04

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    I have to tell you Sam sometimes Sh*t happens for a reason!!! Michael doesn’t seem like a fan of RODA, but Charles in charge is pro Wind-Turbine… You could say he’s been Orstersized in some shape or form…

    P.S. Micheal, a completely vacant 40 KV Power-Line… That’s no visible ocean life near an EMF emitting Power-Line doesn’t sound safe to me!!! I smell an odor and it’s RODA!!!

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