Opinion: Columbia Basin Collaborative anything but collaborative

The Columbia Basin Collaborative was introduced last year by the governors of the four Northwest states to help move the region past unending litigation around endangered salmon species. Our initial feedback was that the collaborative should expand beyond the four Northwest states, recognizing that salmon in Canada, Alaska, and Northern California have seen similar Chinook salmon declines the past 50 years by a shocking 65%. This finding was recently confirmed by the region’s Independent Science Advisory Board. Unfortunately, recent developments within the collaborative are causing concern. Instead of looking for new solutions, it seems the collaborative is essentially a recall effort aimed at removing the lower Snake River dams.  >click to read< 10:22

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    There’s a collection of C’s… The most important one is missing and that is “COMMON SENSE”!!! Every facet could be addressed, you see the list!!! A good portion of a Fish farms work is done by hand egg and milt removal. Natural organic Salmon commercially harvested then immediately processed for prime spawning… Grow out your frys’ then let them grow in their natural streams till they’re ready to hit the Seas… There has to be a simple release system… Keep the Hydro’s working, we don’t need the mega Pinwheels and miles of EMF emitting Power-Lines!!! Drought areas sounds like a job for “THE BORINGCOMPANY”
    Regards—SBH– Keep it in America So Elon if your not too bored!!!

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