RODA Receives NOAA Fisheries Grant

The Responsible Offshore Development Alliance, a broad membership-based coalition of fishing industry associations and fishing companies, has received an additional $155,000 grant from NOAA Fisheries to conduct a second “Synthesis Of the Science” symposium on floating offshore wind interactions with fisheries. This funding builds upon the $150,000 grant the agency awarded to RODA in 2020 to conduct the first-of-its-kind symposium on the current science regarding fisheries and offshore wind interactions. >click to read< 16:04

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    Oh, how quaint the circle of power showing what the new Green Deal is really about MONEY!!! So when are you going to fess up to the fact the POWER_LINES have little or no protection for EMF… One inch sealed Lead shielding would be cost Prohibitive!!!
    So who’s the bag man or is it a couple of MASKED WOMAN!!!
    Regards, EDF CLF, RODA,, Alliance of Sea Sickeners join ASS!!!
    I’ll probably be long dead before this really materializes!!! It’s the young and people with common sense that should be stopping this OCEAN RAPE!!! Don’t be fooled by this control maneuver!!!

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