Shellenberger Discusses Offshore Wind Farm Proposal – “This is literally the worst project I have ever seen,”

The California resident, author and environmental advocate spoke about how an offshore wind farm project planned 15 miles off the coast from Atlantic City to Stone Harbor is bad for the environment, wildlife, marine life and the fishing industry.  Shellenberger, who is a proponent for nuclear energy, spoke of how the wind farm would not be an efficient way to receive power, would take up too much real estate and not be a consistent source of power. Tricia Conte, of Ocean City, founder of Save Our Shoreline, said in an interview prior to the program, “We are very excited to have Michael Shellenberger here in Ocean City. He is presenting the side that no one else is telling us.” Video >click to read<10:27

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    This whole mess needs a much greater review… Not to mention the Power-Lines would need at least an inch of solid sealed Lead to safe guard the ocean from mutating EMF… This would be cost prohibitive not mention a nightmare to lay down, probably doubling the weight and rigdity of the Line would change, less flexibility… I worked in Semiconductor Equipment and our medium current Implanter put out 200,000 Volts requiring 5/8 Lead sheet to seal the High Voltage Enclosure and all Machine Operators wore Radiation Badges constantly…. This is Pandora’s Jar!!!
    WEST NILE DISEASE, lets kill off the Bats and Tree Swallows too!!!


    If you think I’m full of SH*t read up on this… See what happened on the Dairy Farms or Mink Farms in Denmark!!! Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean nothings there!!! Why do Xray techs wear Lead Aprons??? As I said “Pandora’s Jar” you may think it’s a Box… Just like everything else in life the Narrative changes!!! Go a head be a SHEEP and get shared when the Bills continually grow, or the Lambs are silenced!!!


    Have they figured out how to mitigate the Radar of a Boat… The DOD in another article resolved there Phantom Targets caused by Wind-Turbines, by aiming the Radar above the Turbines and their Blades… Good for Smugglers or Attackers to have that info…
    Aiming your Boats Radar above the Turbines will help you a lot, ya think??? Hundreds or Thousands of these a mile apart creating false targets??? Well you can use your Plotter for fixed objects, then roll the Dice on what’s real, hope there monitoring 16… I’m sure this has been given a lot off thought…


    What really makes me think about this was after spending a month rigging a new Boat… We finally got to go fish… It was Pea Soup Fog for 4 straight days… Brand new Boat everything new including the Radar… We didn’t even get to sleep that night… finished welding up the Boom at 3 am and headed out first trip… We kept getting Phantom targets all of a sudden a Target appeared a 1/4 mile offf the Bow…. You throttle back and turn opposite to where the vessel appeared to be moving… As quick as it appeared it was gone… It was dark and foggy… Finally the Phantom revealed itself… We were spoking groups of Gulls… Figure it out when it’s just different densities of Air or Vapor.

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