Areas Disputed By The US And Canada along the world’s longest undefended border

The U.S. and Canada have maintained cordial relations for about a century, but some border disputes between the two countries still remain. The U.S. and Canada have a total of 5 ongoing border disputes. The border disputes between the U.S. and Canada all center around maritime claims. Some call the border between the U.S. and Canada the world’s longest undefended border. There were times when relations between the two countries were frosty. In fact, the U.S. and Canada have even engaged in armed conflict with each other, such as in the War of 1812. The days of conflict and even outright hostility between the two countries, however, are long gone. Indeed, the two neighbors have maintained a very cordial relationship with each other for the last century. Nevertheless, the U.S. and Canada still have their differences and disagreements. >click to read< 16:05

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