Minister for Marine McConalogue Rejects Plea for Help from Skipper who Raised Serious Safety Issues

Minister for Marine Charlie McConalogue has rejected a plea for help from an Irish skipper who bought a beam trawler in the Netherlands which proved to be dangerously unstable. As The Sunday Independent reports, skipper CJ Gaffney (49) of a well known Arklow fishing family has incurred substantial losses over the purchase of the vessel which had been certified as safe by German authorities. The beam trawler Mary Kate was bought in the Netherlands by CJ Gaffney of Arklow, Co Wicklow and his father in 2007, borrowing 620,000 euro for the purchase. When CJ Gaffney began fishing the vessel in January 2008, he noticed that it was significantly more unstable than his previous older,,, >click to read< 18:10

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