Challenges abound, but lobstermen say they’re in it for the long haul

Around 2 a.m. each morning, a parade of trucks from around the region begins the journey down to the Stonington docks, marking the start of another day of lobstering in Maine. In short, a large part of coastal Hancock County and beyond depend on lobster. One of the locals that has made her living off lobster is Julie Eaton, a member of Stonington’s 300-plus lobster boat fleet. She’s been at it for 39 years now and to her it’s not just a job, it’s a way of life. Every fisherman has their own story, but almost all of them say they got into the business because they love working on the ocean. For the hundreds of lobstermen in the region, things are going pretty well at the moment, even with the pandemic. While things are going well, if you talk to almost any Downeast lobstermen about the future of their industry, the conversation will come to two things: right whales and wind turbines. >click to read< 13:28

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    Don’t hold back stand up for your rights… Catch shares in the N.E. Fisheries were nothing more than a Hostile Take-over. Obama took “OUR COMMON PROPERTY” and now they’re coming for the rest…
    How was the Lobstering after a big Fireworks Night??? What will driving Pipes into the bottom sound & feel like??? You have a genius like John Kerry flying around in his private Jet… You have Dr. Jane Lubechenco crafter of “Catch Shares” and destroyer of the Gulf of Mexico!!! They’re part of the of the Biden Climate A Team!!!
    Do you want to leave your children’s future in their hands???


    What would live be without cheaters??? I’m talking about my readers but if the name fits…. I just realized that Calamity Jane is expanding like the Gulf $500 million Plumes!!!



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