From the Moderator – Let’s be fair John Bullard, You’re the Master of Folksy Feel Good Babble

130307_GT_ABO_BULLARD_1John Bullard, NE Regional Administrator, National Marine Fisheries Service, which is his official title, began his comments at the NEFMC meeting this Tuesday morning recalling his interactions with Richard Gaines, Staff Reporter, Gloucester Daily Times The recollections of Bullard of a relentless technician of journalistic excellence were interesting, and are telling of the new revisionist history era that we are entering. , continue here  scroll down

  • The question is this, just who’s water is Mr. Bullard carrying?
    We all know the influence EDF and the other ENGO’S have on policy at NOAA. They even spoke to their plan to influence policy from the “inside” through council appointments.
    Is this yet one more inside deal that is seeing that their mission to destroy fishermen and their communities is carried out to its fruition?

    We don’t have to look very far these days to know whether or not there can be any trust put in our government and the officials who run these agencies. NSA, internal revenue service, Bengazi.
    Can anyone be trusted anymore? I think not!