One last rescue: Bid to restore ex-RNLI boat that saved six people on its last call out

More than 90 years ago the RNLI took ownership of its newest vessel, W&S, which would have a dramatic 40-year career and save the lives of six seaman on its last call out. Now, maritime journalist Graeme Ewens is ensuring the life of the W&S is celebrated with the publication of the boat’s ‘nautobiography’ next month. The book details every service conducted by the boat, identifying the casualty vessels and people involved with memories of crew members and survivors. Measuring 45ft 6in, the Watson Cabin class boat was named after her benefactors, Winifred Coode and Captain Sydney Webb, when she was brought in to service in February 1931. Among its memorable call outs were several dramatic shipwrecks, including the heroic rescue of the crew from the battleship HMS Warspite, which ran aground in a gale in Mount’s Bay in 1947. >click to read< 09:38

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