‘Everything is Gone’ New Jersey’s Largest Dairy Devastated by Hurricane Ida

The National Weather Service has confirmed five tornadoes touched down in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania Wednesday evening during the fierce thunderstorms that were triggered by the leftovers of Hurricane Ida. The Eachus family owns and operates Wellacrest Farms, home to 1,400 Holsteins cows. The family says they are still trying to process what quickly unfolded and the damage left behind.  >click to read<  This isn’t just a job. It’s our lives. Tornado ravages New Jersey’s largest dairy farm – The blue skies and chalky clouds above Wellacrest Farms resemble illustrations in a children’s book. But the destruction on the ground evokes images more akin to a horror film. “It’s hard to believe that, for about one minute of time, so much destruction could happen,” said Eric Eachus, a third-generation co-owner of the farm his grandparents built in 1943. >click to read< 08:45

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