Scotland’s ‘Green’ Jobs Myth Implodes: Wind Turbine Manufacturer Sacks Hundreds

A job that depends on subsidies, isn’t really a job, at all, it’s a make-work scheme cooked up by closet socialists. And, so it is, with the so-called “green jobs” that self-evidently exist, and only exist, while the renewable energy subsidies keep flowing. So, it should come as no surprise that the jobs “created” in association with those industries are an easy come, easy go, kind of affair.,, The South Korean-owned company running Britain’s only UK facility for manufacturing onshore and offshore wind towers based in Scotland has gone into administration. CS Wind (UK) had been seen as a key part of the green jobs revolution in Scotland. But its factory in Machrihanish, Argyllshire was down to just one full-time member of staff for nearly a year after a slump in orders. The announcement was met with anger from Unite Scotland who slammed the green jobs “myth”. >cluck to read< 11:19

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