Inquest into 2004 French fishing boat disaster opens in London

A coroner’s inquest opened in London this morning into the mysterious sinking of a French fishing trawler 17 years ago,,,  On the 15 janvier 2004, F/V Bugaled Breizh (child of Brittany) sunk F/V Bugaled Breizh (child of Brittany), in the south west of England. “Come quickly, I’m sinking,” were the last words the captain said on his radio, in a bid to attract the help of another fishing boat which was located a few minutes away. By the time the other fishing boat arrived on the scene, the Bugaled Breizh had sunk with all five crew members on board,,, two main theories exist. One points to a fishing accident, with the boat being pulled down by its nets which got caught on something, or that of a submarine which got caught up in the boat’s cables and dragged the boat under. >click to read< 07:41

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