It’s always easier to spot the lobsters from heaven – Tribute to Jim Waddell, Peter Prybot and Bob Morris

One recent Gloucester Daily times obituary might have slipped by you without noticing. Jim Waddell, 72, of Rockport, passed in September. It was the second time the obit had run, but believe me, he deserved it. I once played Jim Waddel in a play, a musical, actually, so something had to be said about his powerful life. The musical was The Battle for Pigeon Cove Harbor,,, Jim Waddell, Peter Prybot and Bob Morris, worked the water every day. They were the “authenticators” for the authors and the actors, making sure we didn’t make fools of ourselves. The set was so perfect, littered with their real traps, nets and gear as a backdrop, trash even, to make it look real. Not stage gear – real gear! These three gave us the thumbs-up of approval. They were very modest, shy even, but they loved the staging of their real story. Sadly, all three of them have now passed from the scene. As one of the final songs sang, they were the finest kind. >click to read<  by 11:18

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