How Valuable Is FishNet-USA?

The question should actually be “how much is FishNet USA worth to you?” I’ve been writing stuff for the commercial fishing industry for over three decades. That’s a lot of words, and I suspect that no one who is on the present distribution list, who has read my columns in National Fishermen or on Saving Seafood, or has FishNet issues forwarded to them from someone on the list has not benefitted from some of them. Thanks to the Covid mess, and also thanks to what seemed to me to be some philosophical differences between me and some prior sponsors who were part of a commercial fishing consortium that was trying to get into the windmill business, my industry support has dwindled down to the point where the funds coming in just about cover my internet/telecommunications costs. Unlike just about all of our domestic fisheries, this is not sustainable. >click to read< By Nils Stolpe 16:26

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  1. muddog says:

    Nils, Your writing/research is outstanding. I can’t contribute financially. Hopefully, the latest fishery (lobstering) in the globalist’s target, can. All I can offer is my Prayers. Good luck. You are the best!!

    • - Moderator says:

      I learned of Nils through our interactions on GDT, Muddog, and we brought his stuff to newsvine, remember? I have learned so much from Nils, and his contribution’s have been, and remain invaluable. A whole new generation that has evolved since catch shares, and people in the lobster industry could benefit. John. I have to agree, Most Excellent! SBH, Obama is back in a different package! Wish they’d reboot the program, though, the ticks and blunders are unbearable.

  2. James R Lovgren says:

    There has been no more important writer regarding fisheries issues in this country over the last thirty years than Nils Stolpe. He has been a visionary in his observations on the future of the fishing industry, and the challenges that we will face. I have known Nils for over 30 years, he has been a major influence on my writing and has educated me over the years on so many issues that fishermen were not aware of.
    It was Nils who did the research and exposed the PEW charitable trusts destructive war against the fishing industry so they could clear the waters for their oil drilling, by creating [or funding] environmental groups to attack our fishermen through the fishery management councils. I’m surprised they didn’t hire a hit man to silence him.
    He has been sounding the alarm about offshore wind for years, and about the new threats on the horizon that will so industrialize the oceans, that they will be forever changed. To lose this voice will be a welcome blessing to those that seek to destroy the fishing industry, and will leave us even weaker than we are. I urge every fisherman to contact whatever fishing organization you belong to , and see if you can steer some money to help NIls keep fishnet alive and online. The back catalogue of fishnet writings amount to over 2,000 pages, and is an invaluable resource to anyone who wants to be educated about the fishing industry and the challenges we have and will face. Jim

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Jim. Nils has always been a staunch advocate for this industry, spreading the truth and backing it up with the facts exposing the lies and hypocrisy of those who seek to destroy this industry.
      And we would be remiss if we also didn’t mention this website and platform that gets the news out to all corners of the globe. Every single day for over a decade. A couple of people who have no skin in the game who felt compelled to offer a place where fishermen could get the news and to give them a voice to expose those who are all to willing to destroy this way of life. A voice like Nils Stolpe’s, like Richard Gaines, God rest his soul, and the countless others who have felt compelled to use this place to get “the word” out.
      Expose how fishing communities were being steamrolled towards oblivion by big businesses, domestic and multinational who only care about the money, not the people, the resource, or the heritage surrounding this industry.
      They too could use our help. Help to show our appreciation for all they have done and sacrificed on behalf of fishermen throughout the world.
      Helping them out is easy. Simply send them whatever you feel would be appropriate for the tireless work they continue to do. In the blue header bar on top of this site there is a link to donate. Easy peasy.
      If this site was to go away, you’d soon realize just how important the work they do is.
      Please give both Nils and Fisherynation some thought and help them continue their noble efforts.

      • - Moderator says:

        Jim Lovgren sent this comment to me to post. He loses the comment when trying to post. We did a plugin update today, it may be the culprit!
        Fisherynation; Joel Joel, your comments are spot on, Borehead has been providing an invaluable source of news and information for the commercial fishing industry, and anyone interested in it for over a decade, through the Fisherynation website. He has searched the world over for news about fishing and issues related to fishing. If you want to learn about whats been happening in the industry over the last 2 decades, the Fisherynation archives is a good place to start. He has provided an invaluable place for fishermen to voice their concerns over issues that affect them, and I am especially grateful to him because I know that he will publish my opinions, without concern of length or need to edit. Other media outlets always want you to shorten whatever you write until the piece loses its meaning and impact.

        The fishing industry on the east coast is in a death spiral that will culminate with the placing of thousands of 900 foot windmills in almost all of their traditional fishing grounds. I don’t know what will be left in five years after Biden and his cronies get done with it. That’s a main reason why after over 45 years and 4 generations of family fishing I sold my boat this past spring, moving to Shelter cove California, only to see first hand what the government has done to the west coast fishing industry over the last few decades. California has a coast line almost as long as the whole east coast, yet New Jersey by itself, has a larger fishing industry then they do according to NMFS dockside landings value. That’s insane, and the NGO’s that did this want to do it across the country. Instead of fishing to feed people, they want to turn the ocean into a petting zoo. The liberal politicians who pocket all the millions that the greenwashed NGO’s contribute are complicit in this attack against feeding the American public.

        I urge any fishing company that wants to stay in business to help out Fisherynation by placing an ad on their website, it is tax deductible, and will help to keep Fisherynation solvent enough to continue. This is not just a United States issue, Fisherynation covers news from around the world, so companies from Canada, the U.K. and others have a stake in whether Fisherynation survives. The old axiom, “if you cut off the head of the snake, the body will die” is true in relationship to both Nils Stolpe and Fisherynation. They are both providing an invaluable service to the industry that they have no personal stake in. We cannot afford to lose them. jim

        • Thanks Jim. You’re absolutely right. No one, and I mean no one, has had the back of of the fishermen and every business associated or connected with the industry. Unlike some other “NATIONAL” publications that claim to be supportive of our collective battles and our fight for the very survival of this generational industry.
          It’s way past time for people to show some appreciation for their tireless work.

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