Delcambre Shrimper Looses Boat, Livelihood and Dignity As Provider

For every hurricane during the past 40-years Preston Dore has rode out the storms at the Delcambre docks on his shrimp boat. After Katrina, Gustav, Isaac and a host of others, both he and the boat have walked away mostly unscathed. Hurricane Ida was different. The storm has cost him his boat, his livelihood and has stripped away his dignity as a provider for his family. Unlike previous hurricanes his current boat, the Demi Rae named after his 7-year-old daughterwas not in its Delcambre berth, but in a Chauvin dry-dock,,, The boat was an easy target for the storm’s 170-mph winds as it passed over bayou after bayou ripping the heart out of Louisiana’s seafood industry. >click to read< Donate to the Gulf Seafood Foundation’ “Helping Hands” for Hurricane Ida by clicking the “Donate” button. 11:47

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