Canadian Perspective: France and the U.K. are feuding over fish. What is this war of words really about?

It’s war! Well, it’s a fish war. And like past fish wars, the words are ferocious, the stakes are tiny, gunboats make an appearance, but the shots fired are almost always verbal. This conflict pits France against Britain — and not for the first time. Think of the Napoleonic wars in the 1800s, the Seven Years’ War in the 1700s (when Canada was a prize) and, of course, the big one: the Hundred Years’ War. That was some time ago. It ended in 1453. At stake in the current conflict are — wait for it — a couple hundred fishing licences for small French boats. These were introduced after the Brexit vote in 2016, when Britain took back control of its coastal waters. >click to read< 10:20

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