Finding Common Ground Off to a bad start

The opinion pieceFinding common ground on fisheries data”, reflects the biggest impediment to solving the problems it addresses – lots of false assumptions. First and foremost is blaming reductions in survey fish stocks on “overfishing”. Yes, overfishing did occur when massive, mostly foreign, commercial fishing operations scooped up fish stocks indiscriminately, often purging the bottom of everything needed to sustain acquatic life. But this was not done by the small boats of the New England fishing communities, which now, after thirty years of draconian restrictions, are no longer capable of catching enough fish to sustain their boats and their families — never mind “overfishing”. >click to read<, Capt. Salvatore “Sam” Novello, Gloucester, Mass. 08:30

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  1. Sam Parisi says:

    i I agree ,and said sometime ago that we need to compare NOAA data to other independent scientific data before placing restrictions .Still thing up dating the Magnonson Act would be the best of all interested.Sam Parisi

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