FBI papers: The voyage of the Valhalla and its ties to Whitey Bulger and the IRA

The F/V Valhalla left Gloucester harbor in September of 1984 carrying 7 tons of weapons worth $1 million destined for the Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland, according to the book “Black Mass.” The Valhalla met up with the Irish fishing boat Marita Ann to transfer the guns and turned back to Boston. The Marita Ann was quickly seized and the Valhalla was discovered in Boston Harbor two weeks later following McIntyre’s arrest when he confessed to being on the boat. An investigator who pieced together Valhalla’s route from “spare slips of paper tossed in the trash” said he recently watched the movie “Black Mass” and finally put together all the deceit and death. “At that time, corruption in a number of federal agencies based in Boston was rampant,”,,, photos, Part 2, >click to read<  – FBI file on Boston serial killer James ‘Whitey’ Bulger declassified: photos, Part 1 >click to read< 07:04

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