From Dick Grachek: CLF and The Right to the Judicial System

 From a post: Conservation Law Foundation & Earthjustice Make Unfounded Claims in Lawsuit Filing The day after the Mass. AG announced a lawsuit against NOAA, CLF filed two lawsuits against NOAA over Framework 48, implemented to provide some relief to the struggling fishery while still conserving fish habitats. Read the article here Yes definitely, CLF’s bogus counter-suit is fanciful and an adolescent tantrum, and one of their extreme reactions to challenges.  But CLF has other motives for suing besides the content of its claims making any sense. From CLF’s perspective they own the court system and they seem to take it personally when someone else sues NOAA.  In response to Attorney General Coakley’s action on behalf of fishing, CLF declares that there is an intruder in the lawsuit house—and for political reasons to boot—”Foul!” they cry—these are certainly not the benevolent, altruistic, and sophisticated adult motives that drive CLF to sue, as outlined in Shelley’s 2001 speech discussed below. [email protected]

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