Updated: Crews Save Sinking Vessel Taking on Water in St. John’s Harbour

Crews were able to save a vessel from sinking after it began taking on water in St. John’s Harbour, but the feat was no easy task. The scene on the waterfront was dramatic Thursday morning with the ship listing badly against the side of the dock. Crews were eventually able to stabilize the ship, and no fuel from the vessel escaped into the water. >click to read<Sinking fishing vessel stabilized in St. John’s harbour amid 1st winter storm – “We feel we’re in control now, and I guess the next step for owner and crew is to determine where the water was coming in and get a grip on that,” English said. In a statement, the coast guard said it had stabilized the vessel by mid-afternoon that the owner had identified and fixed the leak. >click to read< 09:35

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