‘Friend of the Fleet’ Jim Moore reflects on 50 years of trolling in Southeast

Jim Moore grew up in the state of California, but he says he didn’t really grow up until he came to Alaska. He says he moved to Sitka in 1970 with a steamer trunk full of art supplies, a violin and $1 to his name. That summer he fell in love with commercial fishing…and someone else. “After I’d been up here about two weeks, a friend of mine, her name was Pam, contacted me and asked if she could come up and see Alaska. And so I had arranged with the skipper that she could come out on the boat and be our cook for a couple of weeks,,, “For some strange reason, though, even though we’d known each other several years, in California, we just sort of…” And that was 50 years ago.” Moore’s Southeast Alaska story has several chapters. >click to read< 08:51

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