NCFA – North Carolina Wildlife Federation brings in the New Year with a lie!

Over the last month I’ve received two emails from Tim Gestwicki, CEO of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, asking me, and many others, to donate money to the NCWF to help fund their efforts to eliminate inshore shrimp trawling in NC. These two emails, like many before, contain much of the same disinformation I’ve come to expect from the Wildlife federation anytime they attempt to engage the public in the management of our coastal fisheries. He also failed to mention that NC shrimpers produce on average, 10 million pounds of shrimp, or food, annually. A very important fact, when you consider that more than half of Americans consume seafood on a regular basis and that shrimp is the #1 seafood preferred by American consumers. >click to read< by Glenn Skinner, NCFA-Executive Director 08:42

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