F/V Bing Bing: “If it wasn’t for this woman”- Fishermen OK after 55-foot boat sinks off Scituate coast

Pam Harght was working from her home in Marshfield Tuesday afternoon when something outside caught her attention. She was on a business call at her desk and looking out the window at the ocean, and she had a clear view of a fishing vessel on the water. She’d recognized the 55-foot boat because she’d seen it before, going up and down the coast. But this time, it appeared to be in trouble. >click to read< Fishermen OK after 55-foot boat sinks off Scituate coast– The 55-foot boat was found sinking about a half mile off Humarock Beach and three people, including 50-year-old Joe Rodrick, were found clinging to some fishing gear. They were pulled to safety and transported to the hospital with severe hypothermia. In addition to Rodrick, the boat’s captain remains hospitalized. The third man was released and all are expected to be OK. Video, >click to read< 08:07

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  1. Edward Everich says:

    Once again I would like to commend you and your excellent source of information that serves the Commercial Fishing industry.
    After reading about the sinking of the Clammer ” Bing Bing” and the immediate response by Pam Harght that resulted in the rescue of the 3 crewmen, my heart goes out to her and the action she took.
    I just made a copy of the information sheet CFR Title 33 Subpart 13.01-1.
    My personal feelings are that Pam Harght deserves the recognition that is given by the ” Gold and or Silver Lifesaving Medals.
    I would appreciate any guidance that might be given in order to pursue this award.
    More now than ever in these turbulent times we need heroes, people that are willing to stand up and “do the right thing”, as a Coast Guard veteran of the NW Atlantic Ocean Station patrol era and Greenland Icebreaker duty I firmly believe that Pam deserves this honor and the gratitude of all those that she has encouraged by her actions,
    She is truly a ” Guardian Angel “.
    Thank you,
    Ed Everich

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