Inflation is affecting the fishing business in Brownsville, Texas

You probably know inflation is accelerating. Prices rose an average 8.5% in March compared to a year earlier, more than in February, January and so on. We’ll get to high – how higher fuel, transportation and food costs are affecting the country as a whole. But first, let’s begin with a close-up view in Brownsville, Texas. Here at the Port of Brownsville, it’s fairly quiet, except for the shorebirds. Most shrimp boats are stuck in port. Charles Burnell and his son Kyle run the Shrimp Outlet on Brownsville’s coastal edge. Earlier this week, one of their boats returned with $100,000 worth of shrimp, a slightly above average catch. But Kyle explains, the money had been essentially spent by the time it got back to the dock. >click to read< 09:12

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