Trial begins for fisherman and fish buyer accused of illegal halibut landings

A trial is underway in Halifax for a Sambro fisherman, a fish buyer and two related companies accused of illegal halibut landings The case is centred on seven trips made by the fishing vessel F/V Ivy Lew between May 2019 and June 2020. Captain Casey Henneberry is accused of failing to follow licence conditions in several instances, including on three trips when halibut catches were unloaded without a dockside monitor present. Buyer Samir Zakhour is accused of being at the wharf to buy halibut during the last “illegal offload” in June 2020 and “was a party to the events of offloading without a monitor,” Conrod said. He is also charged with misleading a fishery officer the night of his arrest. ALS Fisheries, which owns the boat, and Law Fisheries are also charged in the case. >click to read< 13:20

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