The DeepWater Wind, Narraganse​tt and Block Island demostrati​on wind farm – Ken Williamson

Aloha Fishery Nation,  What most people don’t know is State of Hawaii has been exploring alternate energy since  1960s and at one time had the world’s largest wind turbine in test operations. If it deals  with alternate energy it has been tested and documented in Hawaii. HI is an international  alternate (green) energy testing center. All except for offshore wind farms which was state-wide rejected as cost prohibitive, damaging to ocean environment and endangerment to  marine life, high cost of maintenance, unsightly and artificially driving electric rates higher  (they wanted $0.20/Kwh. Purchase Price Agreement (PPA) when burning diesel fuel cost  $0.09-$0.11/Kwh.). HI does have wind farms but they are land based also HI has U.S.  patents for interfacing wind farms to legacy electrical power grids (grid with no modern  smart grid components). continued here click for larger image

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