Ex-fisherman forced to sell collection of 600 toy boats because they’re a ‘fire hazard’

Pete Dixon, 75, started collecting radio-controlled vessels when he split up with his wife 30 years ago. And now he has filled every room in his three-bedroom privately rented home in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, he has been told it’s a fire hazard – and the boats have to go. ‘When I finished fishing, I bought a couple of boats and I got the bug and started collecting them,’ he said. ‘I wouldn’t like to guess how much money I’ve spent over the years, but it must be tens of thousands. It was more or less every penny I had.’ Pete’s boats will go under the hammer on Sunday with Prestige Auctions, which is where he bought many of the vessels from in the first place. Photos, >click to read< 09:38

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