Rising fuel prices hit Maine’s commercial fishermen

The high prices of fuel are also hitting boat works and marinas. When looking at the fuel costs for commercial fishers, the problem does seem to increase among that industry. “We burn 600 gallons a day. You figure six times 10. You do the math. It’s a $60,000 fuel bill,” Michael Irving, captain of F/V Patriot, in Portland, said. Irving spent the afternoon untying knots in his dragnet targeting groundfish. He said he didn’t make any money last week because of the diesel fuel increase. “We’re going to try and feed America, but we can’t not go out and catch fish. It is a living, you know. We’re just going, and we don’t get paid for it. The boats have to go either way,” Irving said. “I don’t know. It’s ludicrous. It’s stupid,” Irving said. Video, >click to read< 08:04

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