A note from Nils Stolpe: Comment on Proposed Hudson Canyon National Marine Sanctuary

I suspect, particularly considering the new and newly active Supreme Court, that there is going to be a huge push to fulfill the aspirations of the various “anti” groups to implement (impose?) their wish lists ASAP. I suspect as well that the current administration is worried about the appearance of its carte blanche granting of seemingly “do anything you want in the oceans” policy vis a vis wind power and is throwing this out as an indication that it really does care about the oceans. The effectiveness of so-called Marine Sanctuaries is still questionable but that’s no guarantee that you won’t have one in your bit of the ocean if the idea proliferates. Please take the time to go to Notice of Intent to Conduct Scoping and to Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Hudson Canyon National Marine Sanctuary and comment on this issue. Please keep in mind the fact that your waters and your fishery might be next. Nils 13:24

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