Euronor Continues Fleet Renewal

The last remaining deep-sea fishing company in Boulogne, Euronor has invested nearly €14 million in the renewal of its fleet by buying and converting former Faroese Lerkur (Built 1999) and Rokur (Built 2000). The two vessels of 38 metres were both built at the Karstensen shipyard in Denmark. Its conversion complete, Fisher Bank (ex-Lerkur) started its first fishing trip on 1st June. ‘We have already completed two trips and it is promising. The fish are of good quality and things are going well,’ said Eurnor managing director Bruno Leduc. The conversion of the second vessel, Otter Bank (ex-Rokur), was a few weeks behind, and it was expected to be complete at the end of June. photos, >click to read< 09:15

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