NOAA – A Failed Agency, Part 2

NOAA. What would I ask the commerce department to look for? I would ask to see the total budget plus the line-item expenditures for each division. They have purchased hundreds of thousands of whale and seal brochures warning people and whale-watch boats to stay away. They have been sitting in the building for years and have never been distributed. They have a $150,000-dollar Marine Mammal Trailer and Van outfitted with air conditioning and heat and it never gets used. I haven’t seen it used – ever! They have a 25hp 4-cycle Evinrude outboard which is sitting in that trailer and has never been used. I would ask for an audit by line item for all of the Divisions. Sam Parisi, Gloucester, Mass. >click to read< Read NOAA – A Failed Agency, >click to read< 10:06

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