The New York Times is Finally Catching Up! They should pay attention.

Will Seismic Blasts Upend Atlantic Marine Life? By EMMA BRYCE As a federal decision draws near, environmental and commercial fishing groups are marshaling their forces to protest a plan by the Obama administration to allow

So Hey! Have you heard about the Slaughter that lies ahead or those  Marine Mammals we’ve been saving? Thu May 3, 2012 9:01 PM EDT

It’s true. And so begins the destruction of the Eastern Seaboard that all the Wind mill, “Drill Baby Drill” people have been waiting for. It’s all about energy independence, right?

Reducing global warming, green energy, not letting the Chinese beat us in the “Green Race” Well. It’s gonna cost us, and it’s gonna cost a lot more than money.

It’s gonna cost a lot of marine life, and this is only the beginning as this administration opens up the North West Atlantic to energy production..Read More

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