Video: Maine fisherman catches monster wolf fish, here’s what happened next

A fisherman recently caught a monster wolf fish, gave it a lobster to eat and then threw it back into the ocean. Maine fisherman Jacob Knowles posted a video of himself catching the giant fish on Instagram. At the start of the clip, the wolf fish could be seen lying on the floor of the boat. As the fish growls and thrashes around, Knowles could then be seen picking up the creature and holding it up to the camera. The reel, that has got more than 8,000 views on Instagram so far, shows Knowles saying that the wolf fish killed everything in the trap. He added that wolf fish is a rare found. “We let them go as soon as we get them. I guess we’ll give him a snack seeing as he’s already killed everything,” Video, >click to watch/read< 09:28

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