Long Beach man replicates family history with winning model boat

Over the past eight years, Bob Daley painstakingly built a fishing boat replica from scratch. Although it was on a much smaller scale this go around, it wasn’t the first time Bob constructed the vessel, affectionately dubbed the Mary Anne II. During the 1950s, Bob and his two brothers worked as fishermen to put themselves through college. Unable to afford a boat large enough to sustain their business, they built their own and named it the Mary Anne II after their youngest sister. From April 1950 to May 1951, the Daley family’s driveway in Long Beach served as a makeshift shipyard. Bob and his brothers worked on the Mary Anne II nearly every day as their mother watched from the kitchen window, wringing her hands. “She was kind of a worrier, always wondering what was going to go wrong,” Bob said. But she always brought the boys sandwiches for lunch. And Mary Anne, the boat’s namesake, tagged along with lemonade and fresh cookies. Photos, >click to read< 09:42

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