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NPFMC approves statement of purpose and need for groundfish rationalization by James Brooks/ [email protected] Kodiak Daily Mirror

Oct 10, 2012 (Wednesday) The North Pacific Fishery Management council has approved a groundfish rationalization motion that includes many of the items sought by the Kodiak Island Borough and city of Kodiak.
On Tuesday, the final day of the weeklong fisheries meeting in Anchorage, the council approved a statement of purpose and need for groundfish rationalization. The statement isn’t a plan or even a blueprint — but it sets the council’s goals as it embarks on a multi-year process that will wholly alter the shape of pollock and cod fishing in the Gulf of Alaska……..The brunt of this,and Stephens response will be in the comment section to save space on the front page, Read More.

Kodiak Daily Mirror — Friday, October 12, 2012 (as published)

Henny Pennys self-declare a crisis in the gulf fisheries

To the Editor:

Wednesday’s article about the North Pacific Fishery Management Council missed the trickery of disaster economics used by central Gulf of Alaska groundfish trawlers.  Alaska Groundfish Data Bank and Whitefish Trawler Association representatives boldly declared “there is a crisis in the Gulf groundfisheries.”………Read more